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These choices have consequences, which can further lower self-esteem.

4 More Self-Compassion Workbooks

And so the cycle continues. Over the next month I will be blogging and providing tips to help your child develop a high self-esteem. Your email address will not be published. Cathi Cohen. Related posts. Decisions, Decisions! Read more. How to Navigate the Digital Universe Read more. Simple and easy to use. Increases Self-Confidence 3. Improves Communication Skills 5.

Promotes Healthy Relationships 6. Encourages Positive Thinking 7. Enhances Creativity 8. Encourages Enthusiasm for Learning. Transforms child behaviour 2. Quality time 3. Simple and fun to use 5. You will see a series of symbols throughout the modules that are used as a reference for you to quickly determine what is required.

It is our recommendation that the lessons be delivered at least once a week in the order of the book series. Book 1 is the first in the series. These short activities are designed as fill-ins for those times that you have a short gap of time to fill. Each short activity is based on the life skills taught in this book and can be used any time throughout the day.

Ponder the question and answer it as honestly as you can. As the parent, you know your children best and what they are capable of achieving. Things to consider are the level of support, the difficulty, the wording and language. Each lesson in these books are made up of several short activities using 7 simple teaching techniques. The lessons in this manual are designed to be fun, interactive with an emphasis on creativity and allowing children to express themselves.

These lessons and activities incorporate a variety of ways to explore life skills and values. Learning new concepts, sharing and thinking, creating and listening are combined with playing, art, singing, movement and imagining. The adults who deliver these lessons are integral to the success of the program, for children learn best by example and are most receptive when what is shared is experienced.

Patience, love and seeing the beauty of every child are important and invaluable aspects. These will be your gifts to the children as you do these activities. Your behaviour will enable the children to experience these skills as their own and to use them in their interactions with others.

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Our experience has been that children of this age are especially receptive to cooperative ways of interacting and a values-based atmosphere. Children function at their best in a nurturing environment of respect, patience and clear rules rather than of blame, shame and anger. They enjoy expressing their thoughts and feelings and being acknowledged.

top 7 rules for high self esteem pocket coach series Manual

When they begin to integrate these life skills into their day, their vocabulary, ability to think constructively and critical thinking skills develop along with social skills, emotional growth and self-esteem. Each lesson begins with a one minute calming exercise to introduce the children to the practice of enjoying being silent and peaceful. This can be used at the beginning of every day, before any activity you choose to do with the chilren or before bedtime to create peace, harmony and cencentration in the home environment. The calming exercises are provided on the CD and the words are in the Resources Section.

The purpose of the Lesson Introduction is for the parent to introduce the concept of the life skill being taught, give an explanation of its meaning and create a discussion with the children on their knowledge and thoughts about the subject.

Short on Self-Confidence? Try This.

Thoughtful, reflective discussions are essential to getting the most out of these life skills lessons. A discussion helps children develop critical thinking.

Talking with others helps children learn to organize their thoughts and present them coherently. They come to see that there are always alternative ways of looking at a difficult problem or situation. A great idea is to share your thoughts around the table as a family group. The Mind Magic program has a collection of inspirational songs that inspire selfconfidence and build character in young children. Singing and dancing is a fun-filled way to help children meet the challenges of growing up. A CD with a song and song words is included with this book and the song words are in the Resources Section.

Whilst saying the statement the children stomp up and down, can sing it, dance or get louder and softer which all helps to make it fun and memorable. Very often children do not like having to be quiet. They seem to experience it as having to curtail their fun and repress their energy and enjoyment.

The centering has been introduced for the children to practice enjoying being silent and peaceful. This exercise helps the children to learn to visualise, quieten down, be more content and help in concentration and listening.

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Listening to a story is a dynamic process that delights children while allowing them to imagine themselves in a variety of situations. Stories are non-instructive teaching tools.

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A story heard is not an explanation, but an experience that is enduring and enriching. Each child personally integrates the story, embodying the characters and experiencing the events. The stories in these modules are about PIP Positive Inspiring Panda and their references to the difficulties that Pip endures; connect with real life events and the life skills required to overcome them.

Because genuine listening takes place during storytelling, children may be able to find the environment necessary to voice their own fears and concerns. It is recommended that the Centering take place before reading the story. Included in each book is a bank of twelve words that can be used in discussion and are accompanied by several questions to promote discussion. Each activity will enable the children to experience these skills as their own and to use them in their interactions with others. This is determined through the simple asking at the end of the lesson what they have learnt from the lesson.

This allows the children to revisit what has been taught and find clarity and meaning.

Confidence on Pocket

These are words that are much easier for the children to understand and identify with and can be used in any situation. Teaching with puppets is one of the easiest and most fun ways to introduce difficult concepts, correct behaviour without being negative and bring warmth and humour to the lesson. Puppets are inherently interesting, often humorous, and first-rate story tellers. They bring focus and interest to subject matter, they teach without the children recognizing they are being taught. A confidence poster is provided in the pack that can be displayed on a wall in the family home and used for activities, discussion and referral throughout the lessons.

How to Be Confident: The Complete Guide

All worksheets are designed to provide a fun, interactive and educational experience for the student. Each activity will enable the children to experience the skills they are learning as their own and to use them in their interactions with others. Games are an ideal way for children to develop social and emotional skills while being creative and having fun. Each game in the program lists specific skills targeted and gives step-by-step instructions for play.

Stickers are included to use as rewards and to motivate children to believe in themselves.